Micro-Post: Adoptive Marketing

This post is simply the Blog equivalent of a “retweet”….

GoBigAlways” created an excellent post on REAL marketing. It’s such oh-duh thinking that it’s incredible how seldom the principals here into action.

Yes, I’ve used the “V” word…viral…not because I like it but because everyone knows what it means. But “Adoptive” is so much more aligned with what really should be happening when products are “marketed.”

“Marketed”….hmm, there’s another word that needs a rethink.

Read this:


Stay tuned for the next Twitter tip. It will be aligned with “adoptive” thinking.


One thought on “Micro-Post: Adoptive Marketing”

  1. From big Twitter fan: love your blog.

    I just wish Twitter’s original essence does not get perverted. Part of what drew me to Twitter originally was the freedom, and purity I found in tweeting, and reading other people’s gratuitous tweets.

    Now it seems everyone is trying to get something out of Twitter. Myself included . . . (as in promoting http://whatssarahthinking.com) 🙂

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